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STEAMGARD (SG) dba Engineering Resources, Inc was founded by a team of engineers in Chicago, IL, with the goal of improving the performance of steam traps (which are prone to frequent failures and have antiquated designs dating back to 1835 and early 19th Century).  STEAMGARD (SG) specializes in cutting-edge steam trap technologies and services, with over forty (40) years of experience in optimizing the performance of your steam systems worldwide. Our Venturi ‘Nozzle’ steam trap technology (THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM) are precisely engineered to continuously remove condensate from steam systems while providing steam users with a more durable, safe, and efficient steam trap alternative. With no moving parts, our Venturi steam traps cannot "fail open" (or "blow" steam) and are extremely simple to test and maintain.  Additionally, the performance of THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM is guaranteed for five years and, with additional services available to you -- can be extended to the life of your service contract -- up to 20 years.

Over 95 percent of STEAMGARD customers are repeat customers. Most of those have been with us for five or more years and many in excess of 25 years.


Our comprehensive Steam System Evaluations include a steam trap survey/audit utilizing the latest Infrared (IR) and Ultrasonic technologies to accurately pinpoint steam trap failures and various other issues impacting your steam/condensate systems operation. Our team of engineers and steam system experts will provide technical troubleshooting and review the operating conditions of all the steam-utilizing equipment and the auxiliary infrastructure to ensure the highest level of performance can be achieved and maintained. Our findings and recommendations will be submitted to our customers in a comprehensive engineering report (utilized as a blueprint to improve their steam/condensate system).


For over four decades, STEAMGARD, LLC (dba Engineering Resources, Inc) has conducted several thousand steam system evaluations and steam trap retrofit installations both in the United States and globally since our official inception in 1976.  We are committed to delivering extremely low-maintenance products to our customers, while also doing our share in minimizing the emissions that are harmful to the environment. Satisfying our extremely diverse clientele with the highest level of customer and quality services is our primary goal and fundamental element of our business mission.

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Our Team

Our engineering and construction team are specialized in safety and technical troubleshooting steam/condensate systems. We are constantly investing in the latest technologies and training to ensure our team continues performing at the highest performance levels. STEAMGARD was established on a relatively simple foundation– to consistently deliver unmatched innovation, improved efficiency, and superior quality services in optimizing the steam industry.


Our goal is to help our customers save energy and costs by taking care of their steam/condensate systems.

If your facility utilizes steam and your personnel could use the support of our team of steam experts and engineers, contact us here. We look forward to working with you.

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