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Major Pharmaceutical Facilities

One of the top five global pharmaceutical companies retrofitted over 3000 conventional steam traps throughout eleven (11) steam plants with the more efficient STEAMGARD® Venturi steam traps.


  • Average Project Payback – Less than 1.2 years (ROI)

  • Typical Greenhouse (GHG) Reduction – 8,649 metric ton/year

  • Typical Make-up Water Savings – 11,379 K gal/year

  • A 10-year performance warranty for THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® was provided to the customer.

  • The water hammer problems related to the conventional steam traps and the mixing of hot and colder condensate were eliminated from several locations.

  • The safety and reliability of the Plants steam systems were improved.

  • Numerous minor repairs were made to the Facilities steam systems by SG personnel during the STEAMGARD® retrofit installation.

  • Facility Training and Operation and Maintenance Manuals were provided to aid in the performance of preventive maintenance.

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