Thomas Jefferson University

Retrofitted over 2300 mechanical steam traps throughout the University Campus and Medical Center with more efficient STEAMGARD® Venturi steam traps.

  • STEAMGARD® Venturi steam traps have been in operation for over +20 years at this facility.

  • Project Payback – Less than 24 months (ROI)

  • Steam Load Reduction – 5.5%

  • A 10-year performance warranty for THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® was provided.

  • Numerous minor repairs were made to the steam systems by SG personnel during the STEAMGARD® installation.

  • The expertise of SG’s Engineers and Installation Team continues to be valuable in solving steam system problems and increasing the efficiency of the Medical Center’s steam delivery systems and the pieces of equipment that utilize steam.

  • Honored by the Association of Energy Engineers with the Corporate Energy Management of the Year Award & Energy Manager of the Year Award.

  • Featured in United States Department of Energy Building Codes Work Shop for new innovative energy savings technology project tour.

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