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Princeton University 

Retrofitted over 5700 mechanical steam traps throughout the university campus and research laboratories with more efficient STEAMGARD (SG) Venturi steam traps.

  • STEAMGARD Venturi steam traps have been in operation for over +15 years at Princeton University's campus. 

  • Project Payback – Less than 24 months (ROI)   

  • A 10-year performance warranty and comprehensive maintenance services were provided.  

  • Significant energy savings and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets were achieved.          

  • Estimated the Steamgard retrofit project helped Princeton avoid approximately 1200 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year (after Phase 5).

  • Numerous minor repairs were made to the steam systems by SteamGard's (SG) personnel during the retrofit installations and maintenance site visits.      

  • The expertise of SG’s Installation Team continues to be valuable in solving steam system problems and increasing the efficiency of the University’s steam delivery systems (and the equipment that utilizes steam).

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