THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® (custom-built Venturi Nozzle steam traps) are the most advanced steam traps on the market. Our vast product- line (which contains hundreds of variations) can replace virtually all steam traps on all applications, up to:

  • 1/2 inch (15 mm) to 8.0 inch (200 mm) - steam trap size

  • 3,000 PSIG / 206 BAR (g) - maximum steam pressure

  • 950 °F / 510 °C - maximum temperature


Our world-class products and services allow us to provide our custom-built Venturi Nozzle steam traps with up to a 20-year performance warranty.


Some of our customers comprise of the following sectors and industries:

  • Universities & Colleges

  • Hospitals & Hotels

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Military & Defense Industry

  • Government Facilities and Laboratories

  • Chemical Industry

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Oil & Gas Industry

  • Paper & Pulp Industry

  • Industrial Sector

  • Commercial Laundries

  • Energy Sector (i.e., Nuclear Power Plants)

  • Beverage Industry

  • Textile Industry

  • and more. 

Benefits of our Technology

THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® (Venturi Nozzle steam traps) are utilized by some of the most prominent institutions and businesses in the world (i.e., Princeton University, United States Military, Cargill, Johnson & Johnson) for the following:

Improved Reliability and Safety

THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® (Venturi Nozzle steam traps) are built with high-quality stainless steel and have a service life of +20 years. Our Venturi Nozzle steam traps are designed to eliminate (and withstand) dangerous water-hammer. All Steamgard® Products are resistant to freezing and suitable for outdoor use in colder climates.

Energy Savings of 5 - 25%
THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® (Venturi Nozzle steam trap) is an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) with a typical payback of 17 months. Your facility will notice a significant reduction in steam usage, water consumption, and carbon (GHG) emissions after converting to THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM®

Performance Warranty & Maintenance Services

THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® (Venturi Nozzle steam trap) comes with up to a 20 Year Performance Warranty. Additionally, we offer comprehensive Inspection and Maintenance Services for all your facility's steam traps needs (available upon request). 

Improve Production & Simplified Maintenance
With no moving parts, our Venturi Nozzle steam traps are designed to continuously discharge condensate from your steam system. Each Venturi Nozzle steam trap is custom-built to fit your application's requirements.  


THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® is extremely simple to inspect and maintain. Reduce maintenance costs for testing/repairing/replacing steam traps after converting to THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM®. 

Best-In-Class Customer Service 
We truly care about our customers and building long-term partnerships. We have a customer-centric approach to our business. We offer onsite technical assistance (available within 48hrs) and 24/7 Engineering support to our customers.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive Steam System Evaluations, Steam Trap Replacement Projects, Project Commissioning, Measurement and Verification, Maintenance Contracts, Direct Purchasing/Sales, and more.

Quality Built-In

We are committed to delivering extremely low-maintenance products to our customers, while also doing our share in minimizing the emissions that are harmful to the environment. Satisfying our extremely diverse clientele with the highest level of customer & quality services is our primary goal and fundamental element of our business mission.

STEAMGARD® (SG) products are made in the United States of America.

STEAMGARD, LLC holds International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 certification.

For more information, see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page.

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